Our products


Some things we enjoy to produce are :

Amfissa, Kalamata & Arbequina black olives

Koroneiki & Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

Superb all natural raw honey

The best herbs such as, oregano, and spearmint

Greek Mountain Tea

Intensely aromatic rose plants

Spectacular Bonsai

Heirloom tomatoes, seeds and tomato sauce

5 varieties of grapes for wine, tsipouro ( Grappa ), and table fruit

Premium handmade cheesecakes and ice cream
( Have you ever had Pinot Noir ice cream ??? 😍 )

Greek traditional pastries and sweets such as galactoboureko and kourabiethes

+ the best organic fertiliser for all your plants

Our nursery grows TOP quality :

Grape vines, Koroneiki & Arbequina olive trees, Lemon Trees, Fig trees, aromatic roses, "Long red slim" Cayenne chilli peppers, Habanero chilli peppers, Greek mountain tea, "Lollipop" heirloom tomatoes, "Orange trumpet" vines, and superb oregano and spearmint herbs.

Visit our place for a free and fun tour.
Bring your pet and mother in law.... no problem

We gladly accept Bitcoin for animal welfare donations.
Email us for amount and our wallet address
bitcoin at kiparissonas.com

Please Note : Our garden is NOT a commercial enterprise.
It is strictly a hobby and if we sell something "once in a blue moon" the proceeds go to support the stray animals in our village.

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