Our team

A few of us ...

Angelo Grigoropoulos - Athens | Paris | Prague | Holland

Angelo Grigoropoulos Photography @ FashionReporter.TV

Private email : angelo@fashionreporter.tv

Dagmar Vyhlasova - Prague, Czechia

Private email : dagmar@fashionreporter.tv

Jemen GPSH : Grand Prix Sport Horses - Holland

Chez M. Henri - St Germain, Paris

Lena & Maria


Kostadinos & Lucky


Pavlos, also known as "Paul" 

Pavlos and the girls

Giorgos - The quintessential Greek lover

Lucky and GinGin - Our delightful adopted strays

Henry and Leyla - our Ragdolls

Chiki Chiki - A future Bresse Gauloise star

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