Greek Animal Welfare


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A " Not for profit " family project for the benefit of animal welfare

1. We try to feed as many strays as we can

2. We try to arrange and pay for the spaying of females

3. We try to find homes for strays

4. We try to help people who love animals but can't afford 

to pay for their food and care

5. We try to support animal shelters and organisations.

e.g.   ZeroStrayPawject

Stray cats and dogs in Greece are simply wonderful. 

They are smart and super affectionate.

They can bring your life to another level.

We have adopted our dog Lucky and our cat GinGin 

and the joy they have brought us is simply indescribable.

They are both girls, and, of course both neutered.
They sleep with us and travel with us everywhere we go.

Adopt one NOW!


Kiparissonas Animal Welfare

CLICK HERE to donate any amount

ANY amount helps enormously

Problems or questions ???
email us at :

P.S. Microchip your pet NOW

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