Thursday, June 25, 2020

Kiparissonas - What it's all about ...

Kiparissonas Greek homemade bread *** DIVINE, DELICIOUS ... THE BEST !!!

Eat fresh homemade bread EVERYDAY. NO work - NO cost !!!

Kiparissonas.Com - Manage your BANANAS ...

Kiparissonas.Com - BEST mulch. Pebbles or wood chips ???

Getting married on Santorini island, Greece

The CORRECT way of cutting / squeezing lemons

Record great videos using your iPhone - The ultimate trick

Kiparissonas.Com - Flower arranging - ROSES

Kiparissonas.Com - Flower arranging - IKEBANA

Bresse Gauloise Chickens - Free range, bio fed and ... happy go lucky

Kiparissonas.Com - Young Bresse Gauloise chickens ... a bit shy

Saturday, April 20, 2019

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“Πασών των επιστημών μήτηρ τε καί τροφός Γεωργία εστί.” 

“The mother of all sciences is agriculture”