Our amazing mosquito spray

" No me moleste "

The all natural organic
Mosquito repellent.

Ballerina Mosquito

Make annoying mosquitos, ticks and other jerks buzz off.

A super safe and effective spray consisting of
organic essential oils of :

Lavender ( Provenance : Haute Provence, France )  

Citronella ( Provenance : Indonesia )

Peppermint ( Provenance : Provence, France )  

Lemon Eucalyptus ( Provenance : Madagascar )  

All the above are blended with a BIO "Base de Parfum"
produced in Provence, France

TIP : Spray your pillow before going to sleep.

ZZZZZZZ … deep and uninterrupted.

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"No me moleste mosquito "

The Video Collection

Male Mosquito

Female Mosquito

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